2015 DRG China Forum


2015 DRG China Forum
12 November
Sheraton Dongcheng Hotel Beijing

Background and Objectives

2015 DRG China Forum is designed to enable sharing of the knowledge, experience (benefits as well as challenges) related to the design and use of Diagnosis Related Group (DRG) hospital payment systems.  Global stakeholder perspectives will be shared regarding DRG-based payment systems from several well-recognized payment systems utilizing DRG-based and other global payment systems, including the United States, Germany, Denmark, and others. The key Forum objectives include experience-based information sharing to illustrate best practices, key lessons learned, and will provide opportunities for knowledge sharing among global payment reform stakeholders including policy makers, public and private insurers, hospital providers, and technology and service innovators.

2015 DRG China Forum represents an excellent opportunity for medical technology, biopharmaceutical, and health care service innovators, and industry trade leaders to bring industry perspectives, share global payment reform experiences, and dialogue with China policy makers regarding the future value-based payment innovation landscape.

Forum Organizers

The DRG China Forum is jointly organized by the Beijing Public Health Information Center (NHFPC DRG Quality Control Center), Beijing Health Insurance Research Association and Boston Healthcare Associates.

Forum Overview

2015 DRG China Forum is a one-day event to be held on 12 November 2015 (Thursday) in Beijing.

The morning session will contain 4 keynote speeches by sharing the experiences from 4 different markets: China, US, Germany and Denmark. The Forum will continue in the afternoon in the form of panel discussions focusing on 3 key themes:

  • Classification / Grouping of DRGs
  • DRGs and hospital performance evaluation
  • DRGs and payment

The Forum will have 80 participants all by invitation only. Majority of the participants are the policy makers and/or enforcers that are designing, guiding, and implementing payment reform and DRG payment systems from the two Chinese ministries, NHFPC and MoHRSS, from central and local levels.

Industry Attendance

Only 20 seats are reserved for industry participants. For more information or to register, please contact Catherine Jiang at cjiang@bostonhealthcare.com.

Biographical Sketches of Keynote Speakers

Prof Deng Xiaohong
Counselor of the State Council of China

Ms. Deng is a medical doctor by training and had worked as an OB/GYN doctor and later on in the managerial role in the hospital. 2000 she was appointed the Deputy Director of Beijing Municipal Health Bureau and had worked in the Bureau since then until 2012 when she was appointed as Counselor to the State Council as a recognition for her achievement and knowledge in health care delivery and management.

Ms. Deng has been a long-term advocate for DRGs and is the project leader for the DRGs pilot program in Beijing.

Prof Poul Erik Hansen
Head of Centre for Health Economics in Danish Ministry of Interior and Heath, President of the international organization Patient Classifications Systems/International, PCS/I

Prof Hansen has held numerous roles as committee chairman and director of statistical and economic department in Danish National Board of Health and Danish Ministry of Heath. He has also involved in teaching and is a productive author in economy and healthcare.

Prof Hansen has long interest in health economics and the use of data for decision-making at the central ministry level as well as at hospitals, regions and municipalities. He has intensive experience in construction and use of information for treatment and planning purpose, including case-mix systems to be used for description of the production at the hospitals. He has been in charge of health evaluations and the development and implementation of a Danish case mix system from the very beginning in the mid 90ies. This system has been used as central instrument in a financing reform of the health care sector.

Prof Hansen held a M. Sc in Economics, Institute of Economics, University of Copenhagen.

Prof Thomas Mansky
Head of the new Department for Structural Advancement and Quality Management in Health Care, Technical University of Berlin

Prof Mansky was responsible for Medical Development at the HELIOS Kliniken in 2000-2010. As a consultant, he worked together with 3M Health Information Systems conducting the first DRG analyses in Germany and then participating in the introduction of the DRG system in Germany from 1996 till 2000.

Prof Mansky completed his Habilitation in the field of Medical Informatics, and received MD in Internal Medicine at the University of Luebeck before 1994.

Mr. Julian Pettengill
US Independent hospital payment policy consultant, Senior Consultant to the China National Health Development Research Center(CNHDRC) and the China Health Economics Association, authorized by the NHFPC

Mr Pettengill has worked with Medicare Payment Advisory Commission (MedPAC), Congressional Research Service (CRS) and Health Care Financing Administration (HCFA). He has extensive experience designing, modeling, and monitoring the US Medicare program’s hospital inpatient prospective payment system and related payment policy research and analysis, and strong research and policy interest in case-mix funding systems; assessment of payment adequacy; outlier identification and risk management; hospital responses to payment incentives; and health care quality improvement.

Mr Pettengill holds an M.A. Economics, Indiana University; B.A. Economics, Fairleigh Dickinson University

Joseph Ferrara
President, Boston Healthcare

Mr. Ferrara has over 18 years of experience in life sciences consulting, working with biopharmaceutical, medical device, diagnostics, and health care IT clients in market and business development strategy. He leads the global consulting team with practice areas in reimbursement and pricing, health economics, market analysis, and business development strategy. Mr. Ferrara has extensive experience in the development of novel business approaches designed to capture evidence-based value for innovation health care technologies. Mr. Ferrara writes and speaks extensively on the subject of the value of medical technology innovation, with particular focus on pharmacogenomics, specialty pharmaceuticals, and novel therapeutic devices.

Prior to his consulting role, Mr. Ferrara led a joint venture between Boston Healthcare and a non-profit research organization focused on a global electronic medical record network for the purposes of clinical trials and health outcomes research.

Mr. Ferrara completed undergraduate studies at the University of Cincinnati and received a master’s degree from Harvard University.