Global Capabilities

Boston Healthcare provides global health care consulting services with expertise in reimbursement and funding, pricing, and market access strategies. We accomplish this through support from a global network of country-based experts. All of our network members have on the ground core expertise in their respective countries in reimbursement planning and implementation, pricing, health economics, and health care systems and stakeholders.

This expertise enables us to provide country-based support in order to drive policy, payment, and market access. In addition to our own global locations, we have access to affiliates in over 20 countries and are able provide expert coverage in these territories and other territories worldwide. Together, we have completed over hundreds of projects in global pricing and reimbursement planning for innovative health care technologies.

Sample offerings:

Global Expertise

  • Pricing of pharmaceuticals, medical devices, and diagnostics
  • Health care reimbursement and funding
  • Market access strategies
  • Health economics
  • Global health care systems and requirements
  • Primary research and analysis
  • Pharmaceutical commercialization

Focus on offerings that are key to product commercialization

  • Development and implementation of pricing and funding strategies
  • Product commercial assessments
  • Product and portfolio due diligence
  • Preparation for commercialization in international markets
  • Qualitative research (e.g. payers, pharmacists, KoLs)
  • Training

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