Julia R. Ferrara

Vice President


Ms. Ferrara has been in human resource management and operations for more than 17 years. Prior to Boston Healthcare, Ms. Ferrara worked for a large global health outcomes research firm as the Director of Human Resources and in a non-profit pediatric medical device firm as Director of Operations. Since becoming Director of Human Resources and Operations at Boston Healthcare in 2004, Ms. Ferrara has guided the growth of infrastructure and organizational development initiatives. With a background in organizational development and leadership, Ms. Ferrara became Vice President of Operations in 2010 where she continues to drive best practices in human resources, talent management and acquisition, corporate governance and policy, and information systems and resources. Ms. Ferrara oversees organizational and human resource development, infrastructure, and contracting and compliance for operations in the US, EU, and Asia. Ms. Ferrara holds an MS in Organizational Development and a BA in English.