Timothy Sheflin

Executive Director

Mr. Sheflin has over 10 years of consulting experience assessing the reimbursement environment for medical devices, in vitro diagnostics, pharmaceuticals, specialty drugs and biologics. His work has addressed the private and public payer product evaluation processes, as well as coverage policies and formulary analyses.

Mr. Sheflin has become expert at the design, conduct, and analysis of payer research that produces insightful and actionable strategies. His relationships with medical and pharmacy directors extend across the country within the largest national and regional plans. Mr. Sheflin has also designed tactical reimbursement launch plans and needs assessments for specialty drug companies whose products require physician reimbursement support services and payer accounts management. He has developed and produced over 50 payer research programs, facilitated in-person manufacturer and payer interactions, and participated in manufacturer presentations to commercial evaluation committees. Mr. Sheflin also has extensive experience in developing market access strategies for tests that aid in early cancer detection, personalized drug treatment choices, identification of sexually transmitted diseases, women’s health, and the detection of gastrointestinal disease. In addition, he has developed strategies for novel diagnostic imaging modalities used for detection, treatment planning and surveillance. Mr. Sheflin has a BA in Government from Connecticut College.