Our Expertise

Boston Healthcare works with global health care companies to unlock the value of innovation. Our core capabilities in reimbursement, pricing, and health economics enable clients to optimize the value of innovation. We support clients in product development, commercial launch, business development, and portfolio management.

Our unique multi-disciplinary approach enables us to effectively assess the impact of the reimbursement environment – policy, coding, and health economics – on the pricing, adoption, and payment of novel health care technologies. Further, our team’s substantial implementation experience groups our insights in the real mechanics of clinical and economic evidence demands, technology funding and reimbursement, and value capture.

We offer global services in the following areas:

What makes us different:

  • A global approach to reimbursement and value capture
  • Strategy built on implementation expertise
  • Life science diversity: drugs, devices, diagnostics, and companion diagnostics
  • Emphasis on sectors where value assessment is complex or emerging: specialty and orphan drugs, pharmacogenomics / molecular diagnostics, combination products, novel devices and procedures
  • Clients: public and private, emerging and established
  • Offices in Boston, Berlin, and Shanghai
  • Global capabilities with ability to deliver in-market insight and expertise


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