Business Development &

Today’s pharmaceutical and medical technology licensing environment is extremely competitive. Companies must be able to move quickly to identify technology opportunities, evaluate them, and structure deals that create value.

Our business development practice works with biopharmaceutical, medical device, and diagnostic licensing executives to help them achieve an edge over the competition. Our expertise goes well beyond sophisticated financial modeling and is built on the realities of the deal-making environment.

Building on our global market access expertise in a number of clinical areas and our comprehensive approach to strategic market assessment, we are able to identify and prioritize opportunities, identify evidence gaps and reimbursement challenges and offer clients a much clearer picture of the real value of any business development opportunity.

Our team is multi-disciplinary and is comprised of seasoned professionals in pharmaceutical and medical technology business development. As consultants and industry professionals, we have identified, assessed, and supported numerous M&A and licensing deals, as well as successful mergers and acquisitions targeting.

± Summary of Services

Strategy Development

  • Develop strategies for M&A, licensing, and business development

Opportunity Identification and Strategic Assessment

  • Identify M&A and licensing opportunities that meet prioritized criteria
  • Assist in commercial evaluation / due diligence of opportunities
  • Apply advanced analytical approaches to evaluate business development opportunities including return on investment in evidence
  • Due diligence support (pricing, reimbursement, evidence impact on adoption)

± Case Studies

Licensing Strategy & Implementation ±


A small biotechnology company with promising oncology product candidates in Phase III and Phase I of clinical trials needed immediate funding for on-going clinical development efforts and also wanted to establish strategic relationships that would better position them for a near-to-mid-term IPO.

Boston Healthcare Approach

Boston Healthcare identified a target list of potential partners, initiated discussions with these potential partners, established and negotiated the financial terms, and was instrumental in closing a $97 million deal with a large, multi-national pharmaceutical company for both products for the client.


With the partner relationship helping to validate the client’s core intellectual property, the client was able to raise an additional $16 million with a successful IPO.

Partnering, Deal Structuring & Negotiation ±


A small biotechnology company, with an innovative technology platform having applications across a variety of clinical areas, needed funding to continue the development of their technology and to better position themselves for an IPO.

Boston Healthcare Approach

Boston Healthcare was retained to identify those indications best suited for out-licensing. Utilizing a unique screening and assessment approach, Boston Healthcare identified the optimal out-licensing opportunities. At the same time, Boston Healthcare initiated discussions with a large, multi-national pharmaceutical manufacturer and assisted our client in closing a $25 million deal.


The company was able to continue R&D efforts and to enter the public market with greater credibility.

Assessing the Business Development Potential for a Bioinformatics Tool Company ±


Boston Healthcare worked with this life sciences knowledge management software company to outline a business development strategy.

Boston Healthcare Approach

Boston Healthcare examined market trends, competitor profiles, and opportunities in the drug discovery, clinical trials, and patient level informatics arenas.


Boston Healthcare developed and compared potential service/business models and probable deal structures and values for the client’s business development group.