Summary of Services

Reimbursement Assessment and Strategy

  • Analyze existing coding options
  • Identify payer coverage and reimbursement policies and drivers
  • Examine payment levels for relevant product and procedure codes
  • Develop a reimbursement pathway for a new product outlining coding, coverage, and payment activities and timelines

Policy Monitoring

  • Evaluate changes and trends in health care policy that affect your technology

Reimbursement Implementation

  • Prepare and support CPT, HCPCS coding applications
  • Coverage management
  • Private payer engagement
  • Public payer engagement (including Medicare, Medicaid, VA / DOD)
  • Reimbursement training
  • Reimbursement education for staff and management tools

Health Economics

  • Payer-focused cost-impact and cost-effectiveness modeling
  • Provider practice-focused cost-impact tools
  • Publication strategy support