Case Studies


Boston Healthcare has worked with established and emerging biopharmaceutical companies to create innovative market and reimbursement strategies. We have particular expertise in analyzing the market and reimbursement environment for office-administered specialty drugs. Below are summaries of typical project case studies:


Assessment of US Reimbursement Environment for Specialty Pharmaceuticals
A large oncology care provider needs to assess the evolving market for specialty pharmaceuticals. Boston Healthcare examines the approach payers take to manage specialty pharmaceuticals, and organizes these payers into a series of strategic “buckets” denoting their timelines and approaches to aggressive management. Boston Healthcare determines a key distinction between oncology agents, supportive care agents, and other specialty drugs with regard to levels and timing of management through specialty pharmacy or other options to physicians “buy and bill.” Boston Healthcare delivers a dollar volume projection of management strategies in a five year pro-forma.

Specialty Distribution and Specialty Pharmacy: Trend Analysis
Boston Healthcare has worked with several pharmaceutical companies and service providers examining the evolving specialty pharmacy arena. Work has included specialty pharmacy player profiling and positioning, and forecasting industry evolution. Boston Healthcare has also worked with biopharmaceutical companies to develop specialty distribution strategies.

Reimbursement Strategy for Novel Specialty Drugs
Boston Healthcare leverages its core competencies to develop reimbursement strategies for novel specialty therapeutics for a range of clients. Focus areas have included chemotherapeutics, oncology vaccines, pain management, Crohn’s disease, and psoriasis. Analysis includes all payer segments including Medicare, Medicaid and private payer markets.

Market Opportunity Assessment and Valuation Modeling
Boston Healthcare has worked with both established and emerging companies to assess the market opportunity for novel specialty drugs. These engagements typically examine everything from market potential, to likely reimbursement milestones, adoption curve modeling, and product forecasts. Detailed primary research is often conducted with a mix of opinion leaders and community practice physicians depending upon stage of development. Boston Healthcare also offers real options and discounted cash flow valuation modeling, often to support business development transactions.