As the understanding of the molecular basis of disease grows, so will the availability of novel tests that will offer disease screening, guide therapy selection, and characterize the variability of therapy response in individual patients.

Boston Healthcare broadly supports both diagnostics/IVD and laboratory innovators in the development of comprehensive regulatory and commercialization strategies for novel technologies that drive the real value proposition for diagnostics— patients get optimal treatment while ineffective care and related expenses can be reduced.

Sample offerings

  • Diagnostic Reimbursement Strategy
  • Product Development and Commercialization Strategy (including device and device-diagnostic products)
  • Pricing Analysis and Forecast Modeling
  • Navigation of global value-based vs. cost-based reimbursement environments
  • Unique experience with multiple technology platforms (ELIZA, PCR, IHC, FISH, next-gen sequencing, microarrays, etc.)
  • Access to network of IVD-focused, specialty society (AMA, CPT editorial panel, AMP, etc.), molecular diagnostics CPT code experts/influencers in US
  • Publication Strategy and Implementation

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