Boston Healthcare works with global healthcare companies to unlock the value of innovation. Our core capabilities in reimbursement and market access, health economics and outcomes research, pricing and market analysis, and business development and portfolio management enable our clients to optimize the value of their innovative products and services.  Our unique multi-disciplinary approach enables us to effectively assess the impact of the reimbursement environment – policy, coding, and health economics – on the pricing, adoption, and payment of novel healthcare technologies.

Our team of high-caliber category experts has a deep understanding of the market landscape and the dynamics affecting medical device, diagnostics, and pharmaceutical innovators worldwide. Our integrated expertise and evidence-based insights guide our clients toward optimal commercialization pathways for their unique products and services. We create clear and actionable plans that benefit our clients as they navigate market complexities, particularly in the global setting, and successfully implement market access and value optimization strategies, both from a product-specific and cross-portfolio perspective.

BHA Market Access DIagram